THC Tincture Dosing Guide Helping Maintain Overall Wellness

CBD oil may be the cannabinoid capturing headlines and conquering social feeds, but THC is still necessary to unlock the true potential of cannabis.

Finding the optimal ratio of CBD and THC is crucial to finding the right tincture for your desired benefits. The ratio and the dose are dependent on each person and the benefits they want out of medicinal cannabis.

We aren’t in an optimal place when it comes to understanding how to dose cannabis. Traditional drugs are developed around an active ingredient, the trials are based on how that specific ingredient performs against a placebo. Full plant extracts are foreign to the pharmaceutical industry. To determine what ration and what dosage a certain person needs, we have to adjust the medical landscape to be mindful of the interaction between multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant compounds.

The good news is that we have made huge strides in the past decade. Cannabis scientists are mindful of full plant extracts and their superiority medicinally over isolates. We will begin to see more specific dosing suggestions by doctors and cannabis researchers. Until then, finding the right dose is up to the consumer.


All humans, and mammals, have an endocannabinoid system or ECS. This network consists of neurotransmitters called endocannabinoids, CB1 and CB2 receptors, and enzymes.

THC can directly bind with both receptors. This is why you feel an immediate mind and body high alter consuming cannabis products that have high levels of THC.

CBD works in a more indirect way. Scientists believe that CBD has an effect on both CB and CB through enzymes that control the production of endocannabinoids. Instead of directly binding with CB receptors, CBD helps create a steady flow of endocannabinoids that are able to affect CB1 and CB2.

Where THC is more of a sprint, CBD is a marathon. Consistent dosing is needed to feel the effects. With THC, the results are felt immediately. Understanding how THC and CBD works with the ECS is crucial in choosing the right tincture for your goals.


The ratio is going to depend on what you want out of the cannabis. We suggest clearly asserting your goals for taking cannabis before making this decision. THC is going to deliver an almost instant high, where CBD will take much longer to feel the effects.

If you are looking for instant pain relief, help relaxing alter a long day, or better sleep, taking a high THC tincture is going to deliver the best results. Most companies sell 25:1 or 30:1 THC to CBD products.

For those looking to get the long-term benefits of CBD but also want to feel immediate relief, we suggest a 1:1 tincture with equal parts THC and CBD.

Many CBD products contain 0.3% THC to fall under the categorization of hemp. While these products will most likely give users better results than isolates (pure CBD) 0.3% may not be enough. Professionals with experience treating thousands of patients with medical cannabis like Dr. Dani Gordon, suggests high levels of CBD with 2-5% THC for optimal results.

The ratio depends solely on the user and what they want to accomplish. It may take a couple of different ratios to find that perfect mix of THC and CBD. Luckily, experimenting with different products can be done in a safe way.


Taking cannabis products for the first time can be a bit scary, especially if you are taking a tincture with high levels of THC. We suggest starting out slow and raising the dose over time in small increments. This method is known as titration. We suggest taking this approach with any new cannabis product.


In the first week, take a quarter of the dropper (0.25ml).

Observe how you feel for the first week and raise the dose if you feel the need.



Increase the dosage to a half a dropper (0.5ml) during the second week and observe the results.


Increase the dosage to a half a dropper (0.5ml) during the second week and observe the results.


By now you should have a good idea of how the tincture makes you feel and what you can handle. Keep in mind that if you choose to take a high CBD tincture, the results still may not be in full effect at this point.

Increase the dosage to a full dropper (1ml) and beyond if you feel the need.

Evaluate Your Results



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Being mindful about your cannabis use is extremely important. Many people are unwilling to put in the work to find the right ratio and dosage that will give them the benefits they are looking for. Our current lack of understanding of cannabis has let the responsibility of determining dosage and ratio up to the consumer. It may take time but finding the right dose can mean changing one’s overall wellness and even taking less prescription drugs. Cannabis’ potential is worth the journey, stay vigilant and find that perfect dose, your body will thank you.

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