Premium Euphoric Potency

THC Distillate


Our THC distillate is the purest THC extract available on the market and is free of solvents, chemicals, and other cannabinoids. THC distillate is very versatile and has many uses—people commonly add it to food and beverage recipes, apply it topically, or smoke/vaporize it to reap its therapeutic benefits. It is a very potent type of cannabis oil, and like its close relative, CBD distillate, it is unmatched in purity and versatility in comparison to other concentrated forms of cannabis.

How does it work?

THC interacts with your immune system, and plays a vital role in managing pain, sleep disorders, reducing inflammation, and increasing the therapeutic effects of other cannabinoids (entourage effect).

Therapeutic Benefits of THC Distillate

Appetite stimulant, Promotes restful sleep, helps relieve ocular conditions, with antimicrobial/antibacterial properties.