We are proud to offer the lowest prices on cannabis tinctures in Canada, with no compromise on quality.

We believe that a natural and holistic approach to health and wellness should be more than just a marketing strategy – rather, it should be lived and felt every single day. We stand by our belief in the properties of full-spectrum cannabis to help, heal and promote wellness.

In order to make our Herb Angels tinctures – and the powerful healing qualities of cannabis – widely accessible, we have adopted compassionate pricing into our business model. We have invested heavily in our manufacturing process, ensuring premium quality across our CBD tinctures, packaging materials and state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Our process adheres to stringent health, safety and quality practices to help us produce the best tinctures that are always of the highest caliber, full of potent benefits and priced compassionately at the lowest rates per milligram for cannabis tinctures anywhere in Canada.


Our philosophy at Herb Angels has always focused on balance, synergy and mind-body wellness.

Historically, hemp has been a staple crop and component of animal feed, and the cannabinoids in this natural material ultimately made their way into the human system. With CB1 and CB2 receptors already present in our cells, humans have been able to access the many benefits offered by full-spectrum cannabis. Following prohibition in the early 20th century, it can be theorized that our bodies, in essence, became cannabinoid deficient. Without the ability to take in natural materials that our cells are literally designed to interact with, our bodies can suffer from imbalance and deprivation of full health benefits.


The 2018 legalization of marijuana in Canada has happily seen the re-entry of cannabis products such as CBD tinctures into the market, ready for consumer use. Also referred to as cannabis tinctures, CBD oil, or CBD drops – Herb Angels tinctures are organic, vegan and gluten-free, extracted from hemp and delivered in coconut MCT oil. It comes as no surprise that through the re-introduction of cannabinoids into the body via cannabis tinctures, topical creams and other products from Herb Angels, we can again begin to experience the health and wellness benefits that our bodies have been deprived of. Our systems have been completely devoid of these compounds for generations, and we are now able to fully explore the synergies between our cells and the cannabis plant.


Here at Herb Angels, we understand that cannabis is not always used recreationally, and for many people cannabis is medicine. For this reason, compassionate pricing is extremely important to us. We know that everyone has their own unique needs and reasons for consuming cannabis. Our products are designed to promote restful sleep, offer pain and stress management, and increase mental clarity and focus. Every human body is different, and responds to cannabis in a unique manner. Our CBD tinctures are prepared in a variety of formats, with varied levels of dosage, so that our users can best determine the right fit for their bodies with care and precision.


The Best CBD Tinctures in Canada

At Herb Angels, we are committed to ensuring that the healing benefits of full-spectrum cannabis are always accessible to all those who need it. For this reason, we are proud to offer the best priced tinctures across Canada through our Compassionate Pricing Program. We believe that health and wellness can be enhanced with cannabis, and continue to direct our efforts towards educating our community on safe and responsible consumption.




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