CBD For A Month Here’s My Experience!

This is my experience of trying CBD for a month!

When I set out to try CBD for the first time, I wasn’t expecting a lot. I had heard a lot and read a lot, but I went in with low expectations. However, I had an open mind and had spoken to some friends and associates about their experience with CBD products, so I did expect specific results.

Everything I read told me to expect the effects or potential benefits of CBD to take a little while. I knew that it wasn’t some sort of magical cure or had instant effects. So, I decided that a month’s trial would give me a good idea of what I could expect.

When I first set out to try CBD, I searched online for other people that had documented their CBD usage. However, there weren’t many to be found. So, to help other people like myself, I decided to document my month using CBD, and here it is!

Different Types of CBD

The first thing I discovered when I set out to try CBD for the first time is that there are loads of different CBD products available. You can choose from edibles, oils, tinctures, topicals, and much more.

You can also choose your strength. All of the CBD products I found came with recommended dosage instructions. Still, I also knew there were variables such as weight, metabolism, and tolerance, which could factor into how your body processed CBD.

I chose to go with a CBD oil from a reputable seller that had a bunch of positive reviews and testimonials and also had a good return policy. I knew better than to grab the cheapest CBD I could find and decided if I was going to try this, then investing in premium CBD was well worth the extra cost.

Everything that I read online suggested that 10-20mg per day was a great starting point and the easiest way to incorporate CBD into my daily routine. I’m fairly busy with work, health, and social commitments, so adding CBD oil to a smoothie was perfect for me. However, it’s up to you what delivery method you choose, and the versatility of CBD means that there are various delivery methods available to choose from that suit your lifestyle.

Daytime Versus Nighttime Week 1 – Week 4

Week 1 – Week 1 I didn’t notice any significant changes in my anxiety levels, and my sleep hadn’t drastically changed. I started with 10mg per day as a starting point. However, I also didn’t experience any adverse side effects, and I found that adding CBD oil to my daily smoothies was simple and fast.

Week 2 – Week 2 I upped my daily CBD dosage to 20mg, and this is where I started to notice some differences. I felt happier during the week and also managed to accomplish more tasks and achieve what I wanted to. This could have been a placebo effect, but overall, I felt happier and less stressed during week 2. I felt like I slept a little more soundly in week two compared to week one, but this could have been because I was happier about getting so much accomplished that week.

Week 3 – Week 3 I started to really feel relaxed and calm. I was getting my work done, workouts felt great, and at the end of each day, I was getting a whole night of sleep, leaving me feeling well-rested the next day. In addition, my knee pain wasn’t causing me to alter my workout routine as I usually would by the end of the week.

Week 4 – Week 4 I felt I really settled into a great routine. I was taking the 20mg daily, getting my work done, doing a full workout load, and sleeping well for a night. One thing I did notice is that I wasn’t as restless of a night and felt I slept better and woke up feeling like I had more energy.

The Versatility of CBD

I keep mentioning versatility, but I think it’s one of the most significant advantages of CBD. You choose how you want to incorporate CBD into your daily health and wellness routine. Edibles, oils, and tinctures all provide a lot of versatility and make taking CBD easy and accessible is vital with anything like this.

If it’s too complex or too complicated, you’re never going to stick with it, and I found CBD to be straightforward and incorporating it into my busy life even easier. I had no trouble sticking with my month-long trial, unlike other products and diets, which I ditched after only a few days because they were too complicated or made my life too difficult.

CBD For A Month Here’s My Experience! – Conclusion

There you go, a full recap of my experience using CBD for a month. Using CBD for a month was easily one of my best decisions and a great addition to my day-to-day routine. The versatility of CBD meant that incorporating it into my health and wellness routine was hassle-free, and I think that’s a big part of any change to your routine.

It is harder to commit fully if it’s too hard or too complicated. CBD was the opposite. There are a bunch of different ways that you can incorporate CBD into your routine that suit you and your lifestyle.