Herb Angels Sponsors Elias Theodorou

March 10 , 2021 | Lifestyle

The Canadian MMA Fighter & Cannabis Athlete returns for his next fight on Saturday, March 13th

Elias Theodorou is a professional mixed martial artist that’s been competing professionally for the last 9 years.  He was the first Canadian ultimate fighter to receive a contract with the UFC, and is now the first sanctioned cannabis athlete in the world.

Herb Angels is a proud sponsor of Elias as he looks to validate his cannabis therapeutic use exemption and set the precedent not only for himself, but for all athletes in Canada, the U.S. and globally.  He has incorporated numerous Herb Angels products into his recovery routine, as they have allowed him to harness the anti-inflammatory properties of THC and cannabinoids in a direct approach to pain management.

 “The day usually starts with some form of tincture, for instance, Herb Angels has a 1:1 that I start with in the morning to get the anti-inflammatory properties but also the pain management properties as well.” – Elias Theodorou

His next fight will be taking place Saturday, March 13th at 4:20pm PST/7:20pm EST, streaming exclusively at ImagineBC for $4.20.


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